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Re: Theism, Deism and non believing
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Quote from: Wapatango
we see no evidence of erosion between many layers supposedly separated by millions of years.
I am sorry. But I can see an example of erosion between rock layers exposed in a road cutting less than a mile from my house.
A more famous one is at Siccar Point in Scotland. Google it.
The roadworks have finally reached a point where I have been able to go up and take a photo of the erosional features. This photo has been selectively enhanced to show the feature more clearly.
In the photo, you can clearly see a dip in the lower layers. This is an erosional surface that has been filled in later by mud (becomes shale with lithification) The top surface of the shale also shows irregularities that point to a second erosional surface. My best guess is that this is a cross section of an ancient stream.

Bedding Lens Enhanced  by gregdarcy, on Flickr
Follow the link back to my photo stream to see an unretouched copy of the same photo. The system would not let me post both here.